Taking the pub quiz...DIGITAL.

the perfect squeeeze to connect, engage & build loyalty
96% engagement with SQUEEEZE at all venues.
How it works
Customers download the Squeeeze app to access quiz schedule.
Customers are notified of rewards and quiz times. Venue specific quiz codes are distributed offline.
Play a QUIZ & win rewards from home or at the venue.
Customer engagement works while you sleep.
— How did the restaurants & brand partners benefit with SQUEEEZE?
— Positive brand sentiment through the reward program
— Push to try new product and feedback process (if required)
— Relevant push based marketing to the audience available on the platform
Why digitize Trivia or a Pub quiz?

Trivia nights bring together consistent, local communities. In 1989, the Times reported that "the same teams show up week after week." Over twenty years later, in 2011, the same paper noted, "It's common to see the same players compete around the borough, with groups of friends forming steady quads."

We know a few & one more than willing to have a few beers on a Tuesday night.
Participating Venues & Brands
Gamification is a great way to engage customers. Contests that leverage social media - Instagram, Facebook & a customers mobile device are winning recipes.

Power your next campaign on social media with a 'WINNING' contest.