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A high performing PPC campaign to educate the new age work force in India about tax savings plan.
The HDFC e-learning module was designed & developed primarily to be used as a marketing tool. The objective was to capture leads for HDFC Life Insurance policies. Users would share salary details in the tax calculator, and the application would recommend relevant HDFC policies based on the amount of income to be taxed.
personalized lead funnel
Google Ad Campaign
A series of ads were run on Google Search and Display Network.
Landing Pages
Introducing the course & tax savings module by Grandmaster 81D.
Grandmaster 81D e-Learning
Built with gamification modules that can be shared on social media, a tax calculator to capture customer information & an ebook!
Personalized For Customers
Product recommendations personalized by a complex algorithm. Our lead management system alerted sales agents in real-time.
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